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Components, accessories, and more. Make your desk your own with our unique add-on options.


Cable Tray

Easily gather equipment wires, chargers, and power strips and keep them out of sight. Choose the suitable Cable Tray according to your tabletop size.

Top Slide

The Top Slide screws into the work surface to allow for a pull-out keyboard and coordinates with our Top Slide Adjustable Cable Tray.

Top Slide System2
Empire Freestanding energy chain

Energy Chain - Freestanding

Emp BacktoBack&Benching&Cluster energy chain-right

Energy Chain – B2B, Benching, and Cluster

Energy Chain

Never snag a hanging cord or cable again. The Energy Chain gathers all cords and cables and keeps them out of the way.

Group Connector

Use this component to connect different groups of back-to-back, benching, and cluster solutions.

Zen Standard Screen

Standard Screen

Add some extra privacy with screens for single-user or multi-user desking configurations.

Screen Bracket

Keep screens fixed in place so they remain right where they’re wanted.

Screen Bracket-1
Zen 8L Power Console

Power Console

Add some power to your workstation with a tabletop Power Console outlet that allows you to charge your phone or plug in accessories.


Set and adjust the height of your desk with our Bluetooth connection capability and the ZGO Solutions App.



Complete your desk solution with a ZGO Tabletop. Tops are available for Smart System-compatible products such as the Zen, Global, Harbor, and Axis Collections.